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Our Story

Amitata is a family-owned brand with a passion and drive to make quality, affordable homemade skin and hair care products.

Our recipes have roots from the Ewe community in Ghana, West Africa, gently intermingled with other exotic potent ingredients, aimed at nourishing and rejuvenating body and hair. 

Our trendsetting brand offers affordable products that do not compromise on quality. Our online products'  shop offers a one-stop venue for all your hair and body nourishing needs.

We also take orders to custom make products for specific needs and requirements. These may include, but not limited to : acne , eczema, rosacea, dry scalp conditions and much more. We also make products for sensitive periods, such as during radiotherapy or other treatment, where the skin and hair require added nourishment and care . Our carefully selected oils and butters are well known to provide this necessary care.

To contact us to discuss a your specific order . Thank you.

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