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Amitata™ Rejuvenating Butter Gold

Amitata™ Rejuvenating Butter Gold


A Carrot-infused Golden blend of cold pressed plant oils and essential oils to nourish and revitalise/rejuvenate the skin. Our Carrot Butter Gold has the added benefit of nourishing Shea Butter as standard.


Has a mildly sweet and earthy aroma. Rich in vitamins A, C, & E, beta carotene and a whole host of antioxidants. They moisturise the skin or scalp, thereby Rejuvenating hair and skin.


Flaunt a youthful glow with our Carrot Oil Gold and Butter range. When used on the face after a long day, Amitata™ Revitalising Carrot Oil helps cleanse the skin and wipes away any makeup in a flash while leaving skin soft and supple.

  • Essential Oil Options

    Our Carrot Butter Gold come unfragranced. The unfragranced butter has a natural earthy aroma to it.

    If you prefer fragrance, you may select (up to 3 essential oil flavours ) from the following list of skin and hair enhancing essential oils to custom any bottle of our oil gold :

    • Myrrh
    • Vanilla
    • Orange
    • Coconut
    • Tea Tree
    • Lavender 
    • Chocolate
    • Clary Sage
    • Strawberry
    • Peppermint
    • Frankincense

    We trust that you will be happy with the quality and effectiveness of our products- with or without fragrance.

  • Select up to 3 essential oils from the list

    To complete your custom order, write down your chosen essential oils from our range of skin-enhancing oils, to complete your order .

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